Full service state advocacy representation for legislative, regulatory or budget-related issues

State Advocacy

Legislative Advocacy

Each year, thousands of bills are introduced in the California Legislature that can have critical consequences, positive or negative, for the people and sectors they impact. Whether clients are seeking to introduce legislation to make necessary change to the law or halt proposals that would be damaging to their interests, Arc Strategies stands ready to assist each step of the way. Arc Strategies' legislative advocacy services include:

Regulatory Advocacy

California administrative agencies and departments make policy decisions that can be just as important as the actions of the Legislature. Arc Strategies understands how to navigate these settings to ensure our clients have a voice as rules and regulations are promulgated. Our regulatory advocacy services include:

Budget Advocacy

The California state budget, proposed annually by the Governor and passed by the Legislature, is perhaps the most important financial document in the state. Decisions about funding for state departments, commissions and programs have an enormous impact on millions of Californians. Arc Strategies expertly guides our clients through the budget process, which can at times seem byzantine and arcane. Our budget advocacy services include: